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An e-membership offers access to a vibrant creative community, exclusive discounts and promotional support, an enhanced online presence and professional development opportunities.

Current Members

Marr Huncho

Marr Huncho


As a key player in the new wave of music, Marr Huncho is a multi-talented entrepreneur dedicated to bringing entertainment to the streets of STL. With a passion for collaborations and community support, Marr Huncho aims to showcase local talent and create meaningful experiences for audiences.

The Gold Giraffe

The Gold Giraffe

Artist, Producer, Coach

Tevin Rice, known as The Gold Giraffe, is a multi-talented artist from St. Louis who deftly weaves together African rhythms, island vibes, and contemporary pop to create enchanting sound healing anthems. As a creative life coach, visionary, and leader in the community, his groundbreaking integration of traditional artistry with Web 3.0 and AI technologies sets him apart as a cultural innovator and a guiding light for future artists and leaders.

King A.G.

King A.G.


ntroducing King A.G., a dynamic and aspiring artist with a profound passion for creating art that transcends genres. With a remarkable background in pop and soul music, King A.G. is on a relentless mission to bring his artistic visions to life and resonate deeply with audiences around the globe.




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Offers valuable access to a creative community, exclusive discounts and promotional support!

Selling your brand through dropshipping

Featured on preferred vendors page and newsletter

Discounted product photography/promo flyers/videos

Advertisement on our social media

Promotion of your Music and Art online and during our events

Access to a creative community to network

Discounts on KRe8 Events

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