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We are an innovative creative arts community. We are a Veteran and Minority owned small business. We aim to foster a thriving creative arts ecosystem of music artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives across the St. Louis region. With an affordable creative workspace and a vibrant community that transcends physical boundaries, our mission is to provide accessibility, growth, and support for all individuals. We prioritize inclusivity, fairness, and creativity in reshaping the global narrative surrounding arts support. By offering a comprehensive range of resources and opportunities, we empower individuals to fully realize their creative potential and contribute to the success of the St. Louis' creative landscape.

We were founded in 2021 and support a community of over 3000 local creatives and growing. Although our community and network transcends beyond our physical location, we pride ourselves on being an innovative creative arts facility that blends multiple industries into one space in order to provide our customers with endless possibilities of creative expression. As we continue our goal of creating an ecosystem of affordable and innovative creative arts facilities across the Midwest region, we also continue our mission of cross pollenating with communities, organizations, and businesses that share our mission in uplifting the arts.

Our proudest accomplishment to date is building a genuine community across the city of St. Louis. We are fostering support, collaboration, and providing resources for growth in the creative arts community one day at a time.

We continue to bridge the gaps and create pipelines towards improving our cities ecosystem.

There is no such thing as competition, only community! 


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