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  • What is the capacity?
    Our facility holds up to 150 people depending on the type of booking you are requesting. (120 seated and 150 standing room)
  • What if I need help while I’m there?
    There is onsite management available during your entire booking.
  • What’s the address?
    3546 S. Grand BLVD, Saint Louis, MO 63118.
  • Do you have other locations?
    No. With your help, we plan to expand with in the next couple of years.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    Monday- Friday 6:00PM-12:00AM Saturday- Sunday 12:00PM-12:00AM (case by case basis)
  • Do you clean in-between each visit?
    Yes. We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously.
  • Is there parking?
    Parking is located at 3611 S. Grand Blvd approximately one block from our venue as well as street parking.
  • Do you have a audio engineer?
    Yes. Our mixing lounge is also audio hookup ready, but we have a audio engineer for an additional charge.
  • Is your audio room a fully functional recording studio?
    Interface, headphones, mic and monitors are included. Engineers must bring their own computers.
  • Is set up/ clean up time free?
    No. You must allocate time for clean up and set up. We offer a 30 minute set up grace period for our customers but we have a strict ending policy. We require clean up 15 minutes prior to booking end time.
  • What’s so special about this studio over studios?
    Our studio is a one stop shop for all things creative. You can record a track, conduct an interview live, mix a track, take pictures, and premiere your video all within the same space. Not to mention our surplus of complimentary benefits.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Unfortunately, our space is only offered to those 18 years and older at this time.
  • Why is my valid drivers license/ state ID required?
    We take the safety of our staff and our space very seriously. Since this is a residential property, we will have to know who is occupying the space.
  • Are there alternatives to me not uploading my ID?
    There will be a non-compliance fee of $100.
  • Can I plan a visit for a full day if I wanted to?
    Yes.We have an 8 hour booking option. Please see space rental page for pricing.
  • What kind of things can I book this place for?
    - Bridal Showers -Spa Day (bring own supplies) -Baby Showers -B-day Parties -Business meetings -SipNPaint (bring own supplies) -Artist Show Case -Fashion Shows -Listening Parties -Birthday Dinner -Weekly Business Leasing -Speak Easy Events - Virtual Staged performances -Music Videos production -Photography studio -Game night -Private Romantic Dinners -Photoshoots -Video production -Routine Blogging (Youtubers) -Podcasting (Youtubers) -Audio mixing -Media/ Video Editing Center -Cooking/ Meal prep -Host private sports parties
  • Can I be kicked out of the space?
    Yes. If you violate our Code of Conduct policy that you signed at any time, you will be asked to leave. This can include exceeded max capacity, intolerant noise levels, violence of any kind, or damage to property.
  • Do you have security cameras?
    Yes. We have multiple cameras located throughout the space that are monitored 24/7 for your safety and ours.
  • Is this space open to the public?
    No. This is a private event and multimedia studio.
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