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Marr Huncho


I am a key player in the new wave of MUSIC! A multi-talented entrepreneur dedicated to bringing entertainment to the Streets of STL. Young, eager, and driven towards collaborations and continued community engagement/support. We shouldn’t have to leave our city to be successful. I have many exciting new projects coming this year including artist showcases, music videos, an album release and most exciting a STL ARTIST ONLY ROAD TOUR!  

As an independent singer/songwriter with a rare vocal gift for creating music that tells stories and speaks life as you listen. I love depicting my imagination and real life experiences within my music and working with others to create one-of-a-kind music.  Instead of going into a studio with a producer every two weeks, I just waited for the record to build itself. I’d get up and go outside, think about the world we live in, reminiscing about the pain that has passed, and suddenly a song I’d been working on would make sense. That’s how the whole album came to be. Stay Tuned for my newest album “Pain Ends with Pleasure”. Releasing May 26th, 2024.

My mission is to connect audiences with a world of emotions and stories that spark ideas, conversation, and meaning. Creating meaningful memories that last FOREVER! Join Us as we progress on this journey of growth and transformation of the music industry. Be sure to stream my music across all PLATFORMS! Stay TUNED for greatness. Check out my newest single “Ease My Pain” Marr Huncho Ft Ngozi The Blessed!


Marr Huncho

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