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We are hosting another show to celebrate STL artists on

May 3, 2024. 

We have helped hundreds of STL artists by producing quality content, providing platforms and opportunities, and sharing resources.


Signup includes a photoshoot, a performance, and a cinematic music visual ($600 MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE VALUE)! You will receive all of this for only $100 or successfully bring out ten (10) supporters to the event to receive this package for FREE!


To ensure each artist is serious about this experience, we do require a $20 deposit to sign up for this experience. Please read below before signing up.


Deadline to sign up is April 22, 2024.


Sign up form bottom of page!


1. What is this?

We are a multimedia film, photography, and recording studio. We also host live shows as we are a multi-use space. We equip local artists with resources to expand their music career. Our goal is to provide local artists with a platform, community, quality content, and support as we aim to fill a void in support of our St. Louis talent. Most of our artists return monthly to build up their brand with quality content and share their music with roughly 75 - 150 new faces during each show.

2. What do I receive?

  •  1 professional photoshoot

  •  1 music visual to be premiered during the live show

  •  5-min or 10 min performance set

You will receive all visuals after the show. 


Additional services: Interview on music journey, longer performance time, and all raw footage from live performance. (You will receive all of the visuals after the show)


3. What are the requirements?

  • Must submit a professional photo for your promotion flyer

  • Need a mp3 track (not link) for the music visual (This does not have to be an original song by you. Covers are authorized)

  • Need show mix (as one continuous track time maxed at your selected package)

  • Must be willing to produce the support of at least (but not limited to) 10 tickets with promo code provided to you by noon of show day

4. Does this cost?

Technically, yes. If you do not garner the support of 10 guests then you will be responsible for the remaining balance. Tickets are $10. 

5. When do we film and take the pictures? 

You will take your photos and film your music visual on the same day one week before the show. There will be one weekend option or one weekday option. 

6. What happens to my $20 deposit?

It is a place holder for your spot in this experience. You are still required to bring in 10 supporters to the show. If at any point you are short supporters, the $20 will be credited to your total owed. This deposit is non-refundable even if you must back out of the show for whatever reason.





Package 1

($100 or garner the support of 10 people for the show):

- 5 Minute Performance Set 

- 1 "Tiny Desk" Style Pre-Recorded Performance Visual 

- 1 Headshot 


Package 2

($200 or garner the support of 20 people for the show):

- 10 Minute Performance Set 

- 1 "Tiny Desk" Style Pre-Recorded Performance Visual 

- Full Photoshoot - Receive All Edits

Package 3


- 10 Minute Performance Set

- 1 "Tiny Desk" Style Pre-Recorded Performance Visual 

- Full Photoshoot - Receive All Edits

- Receive all behind-the-scenes, prep, and show performance footage


Flyer Photo Upload

                                                                                            Thanks for signing up!

Next steps: You will receive an email once the registration window above has closed for next steps. Please keep an eye out for an email from

Sorry, we're all booked! Please try again for next month's showcase!

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